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Bankruptcy Provides Real Debt Relief

I am attorney Steven F. Bilsky, and clients often come to me wondering how bankruptcy can help them. I work every day to bring genuine debt relief for my clients who are often facing some of the most difficult times of their lives. And as a lawyer, I have focused my practice on helping clients with bankruptcy since 1980.

Bad Luck Can Strike Anyone

Layoffs. Injuries at work. Expensive medical treatments. A divorce. Any of these can knock you down so far that you may never see a way to get back up. Bankruptcy can eliminate those catastrophic debts and give you a “fresh start.” And a future.

How Bankruptcy Is Different

A key element that makes bankruptcy different and powerful is that it allows a permanent discharge of debt. When you are “discharged” from a bankruptcy, it means those debts are uncollectible. No creditor can ever try to collect on those debts.

Real Help For Struggling Families

Unlike debt consolidation, debt settlement or other so-called “debt solutions,” if you qualify for a Chapter 7, you can be free of most burdensome debts within about six months. This means you can begin rebuilding your financial life immediately after the bankruptcy. With a Chapter 13, you can have up to five years to repay secured loans like a mortgage and potentially eliminate some or all of your unsecured debt.

What I explain to my clients is that even if you can scrape by and pay the minimum of your debts, you may be sacrificing your future and that of your family. Some bills, like many credit cards, come with such high-interest rates that if you can only pay the minimum, it would take decades or longer to pay them off.

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