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Suffering Creditor Harassment And Collections?

One of the worst parts of being behind on your bills is the never-ending collection demands. Afraid to answer your phone? Is your mailbox full of dunning notices from bill collectors?

Bankruptcy can help. The moment you file, all collection activity must stop. No calls. No letters. I’m attorney Steven Bilsky. Since 1980, I have helped clients throughout western Tennessee stop creditor harassment by filing bankruptcy.

Stopping Abusive Debt Collectors

Creditor harassment is a major source of stress if you are behind on your debts. Many debt collectors use automatic dialing systems, that call multiple times every day with increasingly harsh demands. A debt collector may even try to call you at work.

Debt collection agencies frequently threaten debtors with severe consequences if they do not make an immediate payment, ranging from wage garnishment to arrest.

Debt Collectors May Not Tell The Truth

Many of these threats are exaggerated or just plain false. If you have been behind on your bills for a long enough period, your creditors will sue, obtain a judgment and impose a garnishment order on your wages.

Bankruptcy Can Prevent Aggressive Debt Collections

Filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy puts in place an “automatic stay.” This makes it illegal for creditors and debt collectors to contact you. During the bankruptcy, you should be free of all collections activity.

If you’re receiving never-ending debt collection calls, you need to ask yourself whether it is realistic that you will be able to pay those debts. If you cannot, bankruptcy can provide the “fresh start” you need to recover your financial health. As your bankruptcy lawyer, I can explain how the process works and the optimal strategy to resolve your debt problems.

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I provide a free initial consultation to discuss your financial issues. Bankruptcy is an effective way to put a stop to creditors and debt collectors. Call my Memphis office at 901-525-6692 or use my online form to make an appointment.

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